Here at Victoria Soda Works, we like to REUSE as much as we can.  We believe in recycling, but we also believe that REUSE is better!  We have worked hard, and sourced the world over for ways to keep waste down, up-cycling, and reuse a very high priority.


We designed and had made specially for us, an old fashioned soda pop bottle.  This bottle is more than just cool in design, it is made to be reused over and over again.  We have placed a $0.25 deposit on all of our bottles.  When you purchase a soda, actually, you are in fact purchasing the bottle.  It is then up to you to leave the bottle behind at the cafe you might be at, or keep the bottle and return it to one of our growing list of return partners for your full refund.  This is the way it was in the 50's and 60's, and this is the way of our future!


Most of the national brand sodas you find in glass bottles here on Vancouver Island come from great distances away.  Some from as far as Texas or New York.  That's a long way for a bottle to travel to be enjoyed for a short period of time, and then put into the recycling system just to be shipped off our island again.  So, when you drink a bottle of Victoria Soda Works, you are drinking from a bottle that was designed right here in Victoria.  It was filled just down the street, and the bottle will stay here and be used over and over again saving our environment from a huge carbon foot print.


We like to think that what was once old, can be new again.  Some of the best ideas in the world come from some of the best ideas of the past.  So we truly hope you enjoy your soda pop from Victoria Soda Works and we hope that you will embrace our old way of thinking with REUSABLE glass bottles.

Please scroll down to find all the locations where you can return your Victoria Soda Works bottle for refund.

The life cycle of our special REUSABLE bottles

Where to return your bottles


We are currently working with more locations to take returns.  This list will be updated as soon as we have more locations for you to return you Victoria Soda Works bottles.