Victoria Soda Works Flavour Lab!

Pinky Grapefruit is a fun citrus soda perfect for a hot summer day...or any day really!  This soda has a nice bite like a grapefruit, but it is balanced out with the sweetness that only cane sugar and "Pink" can provide.

BlueBridge Raspberry is named after the infamous Johnson Street Bridge that links downtown Victoria to Vic West.  With a vibrant blue colour and a flavour reminiscent of the blue part of an old-school "Rocket Popcicle", BlueBridge Raspberry is a flavour for the kid in all of us!

Cola. Nobody makes a cola any more - oh, except those guys. Radio Cola is an old fashioned soda that makes you remember what a cola should really taste like. In fact, we think it's so yummy, you'll want to broadcast it on the radio.

Classic Orange Soda is as "vintage" a soda pop as you'll ever get.  This is an Orange flavour that reminds us of a simpler time.  Weekends at the cabin. A reward for mowing the lawn. Friends running off to the corner store for an ice cold soda in a returnable glass bottle. Your childhood is just a sip away!


Christopher Morley started a soda shop in Victoria in 1884.  This soda is named in honour him with a refreshing lemonade style soda.

One taste of this old fashioned lemonade soda and you'll be back in Waddington Alley knocking on Mr. Morley's door asking "Please Sir, can I have some more?"

Victoria Soda Works'

Island Lime Soda is a classic soda flavour that has been forgotten over the years.  This is a bold, sweet, fizzy soda that reminds your taste buds they are alive and well.  Bye-bye boring soda, hello Island LIME!

We like to call this soda "Oak Bay Black Cherry".  When we lived in Oak Bay, there was a giant cherry tree in our back yard.  The memories of eating fresh cherries and summertime back yard fun set the stage for this amazing black cherry soda.

Roundhouse RootBeer is a creamy, classic style root beer.  Hints of sassafras, wintergreen and sarsaparilla root make this soda pop!  Way back when the old train Roundhouse in Vic West was built, the men & women of the rails would have been drinking a soda very similar to this one.

Grape Soda is the quintessential childhood soda pop.  Our grape soda is full of flavour, colour and fun!  This soda is named after the world famous Cadborosaurus.

We recommend enjoying one right out of the bottle with a bendy straw.

1975.  A great year.  75 Cream Soda reminds us of our childhood.  Days at the pool with our cousins and friends taking swimming lessons, and a treat after of an ice cold soda, or a White Freezie.  This cream soda has been created to evoke memories of good times.  Enjoy one today, and create new memories.

This is a flavour your great-grand-pappy would have loved!  Our Sarsaparilla soda will make you feel like you are in Victoria during the Gold Rush.  The Johnson street bridge was just an idea, the empress was still a muddy pond of water, and gold was in them there hills!

Victoria Soda Works Birch Beer is a delicious take on a 17th century traditional soda.  With hints of wintergreen, birch oil and cream soda, this beverage will treat your taste buds to a unique "root beer" style soda pop...just what the doctor ordered!

When we set out to create a ginger ale, we didn't want to just combine some ginger with some sugar & fizz and call it a day.  We decided to search for a recipe that has stood the test of time, and then make it our own.  Old Town Ginger Ale is the result.  A fresh take on a 100 year old recipe.  We hope you like it.

Creamy Orange.  Now here is a flavor that will take you back to your youth.  The same great Orange flavour as our Classic Orange Soda - but finishes like an ice cold "creamsicle".  We hope you enjoy this soda as much as we enjoyed crafting it in our flavour lab.

Maple.  Bacon.  Plus Cream Soda.  This is a flavour combination that is sure to turn a head, and delight a taste bud!

Smokey, Sweet, and full of fizz.

Maple Bacon Cream Soda is one of our growing selections of Cream Sodas.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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